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francesco capo

Free Mitglied, Berlin

Über mich

Francesco Capo was born in Rome, Italy. In 2000 he began his training as a photographer, studying with Sergio de Benedittis at the studio Nigmafotografi. In 2001 he continued his studies as a member in the “Associazion Compagnia Subequeatoriale di Suez”. He started working at the Nigmafotografi studio as Sergio de Benedittis assistant. He was the director of the pose-room in some photography courses untill 2004. He worked as black and white printer at the Nigmafotografi studio. From 2002 PROGETTO VISORI (project visual) he used the pinhole with coloured and black and white film with flash light. From 2003 to 2004 FOTO IN SCATOLA (photo in box) he gave a photography lab for children using the pinhole. From 2004 to 2008 he worked at the “trentasettesimofotogramma” in Naples, with whom he created images, organized photography shows, and directed courses and workshops. In 2005 he directed VIAGGIO ATTRAVERSO L’IMPOSSIBILE (“a trip through the infinity”), a lab of both photography and theatre for children with the collaboration of Rossella Vitantonio. He has taken part in several singel- and groupshows of his work. Since June 2008, he based in Berlin
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