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Fabian Pronk

Free Mitglied, Delft

Über mich

I'n not your average Dutch guy. Most people mistake me for a foreigner by accent and behavior. Yet i am most surely from pure dutch blood. My grandfather was a fisherman from Scheveningen and my grandmother came from Texel, an island in the North sea. Somehow i am fascinated by foreign culture and languages, and the relativity of values in culture. Being busy with these things is probably what changes me to appear less off a Dutchman.

My passion for photography began to grow through an inner change of view, I began to accept to be content in whatever situation i was in. By trying to see the positive and beautiful things every day in all the small details and situations my vision began to adjust to seeing beauty.

First came color:
Pallets of pink and blue bringing up emotions of amazement.

Then came focus shift:
Seeing what is close in impressive detail. The soft tones of background colors

Thereafter came stereo photography:
bringing an element of intimacy into the image, seeing what the viewer saw in an almost time-portal kind of way.

By suddenly seeing so much beauty every day i wanted to share this with the world, and storing to remember later on.
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