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Free Mitglied, Peißenberg

Über mich

In every picture there is a little piece of me, of what I am, think and love.
As if all my pictures would shout to the world my identity is a subtle form of egotism, the desire to be recognized in each picture, almost as if each were one of my self, through other people, landscapes or objects.
A self-portrait of light and colors. As if I was afraid to vanish slowly, to dissolve, and my photograph was a way to remember, to be remembered, an indelible mark of my passing and my life, so photography is a little how to be immortal and live in eye of the beholder.
"You have a style all your own" is definitely one of the best compliments I have ever been told, there is nothing that makes me happier than the thought of leaving my personal impression with my job; after all, I think an artist can be defined as truly such when it is recognized for his technique and his way of expressing himself, and not for the signature on his works.
Personally, I'd recognize a painting by Kandinskij, Caravaggio and Van Gogh only for their ways, quite different, to feel the art and be Art.
Only then I will define myself an Artist with pride, at the moment I can just be grateful to every single person appreciate my work.
I'm not inspired by other photographers, although I have learned a lot from some of them, but my main source of inspiration are the paintings of Caravaggio: I am fascinated by his way of using light and shadows, his characters intrigue me, them who arise from the darkness going to be sharp light.
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