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Egil Olsvold

Free Mitglied, Soere Austmarka 108

Über mich

First of all I`m regarding myself as a true amateur., and for the first time entering a photosite. I live in NORWAY, not far from Bergenm western part.

My equipment.
Now I`m using the Sony A850, and my analog equipment the Minolta 7 and the Contaflex Super.
For some time I have bought additional lenses on the "open market" , profirably on eBay.
Now I have lost my heart to old-fashioned film. Bought a Kiev 88 CM.
The Arsat 3,5/30mm is a wonderful lens, together with the 180 sonnar for Pantacon six.

My philosophy.
I will NOT use any kind of "after treatment" like Photoshop for instance. Just some cutting, if necessary.

My lenses.
* Arsat 3,5/30 mm
* Volna 80mm. (Standard on Kiev 88CM)
* CZJ Sonnar 180mm
* Pentakon/Orestegor 4,0/300mm
* Pentakon 5,6/500mm
* For Macro photo I`m using the Minolta 50mm Macro Rokkor-X together with the 1:1 adapter, in addition to the MD/MA adapter to the camera.

So You understand that I have no intention of competing with real expensive equipment.
I`m looking forward to exposing some of my photos.

With regards and expectations

Egil Olsvold

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