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Thank you for visiting my profile page.
Just a little bit about me.....
I started taking pictures as a child and have always enjoyed it. Through the years I have worked for several photographers in MA. I now work for myself in a portrait studio. Most of the time I photograph children, pets,families and have recently gotten into some nature photography.

I live in New England so the seasons make for lovely pictures!
I currenly use an Olympus E10 and E20 digital SLR, But I still love my Hassleblad for medium format as well.
The picture I have posted here is of my wonderful cat "Phoebe Cora" she is truly a gem!

Happy Holidays! From Phoebe Cora

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  • Katja Merones 17. März 2006, 8:50

    great pictures!!
    greetinxx katja
  • Tony AKa fototaker 27. März 2005, 12:11

    yea, thats a GREAT pix if that's you... not a pix you wouldve taken then, since you're on da hoRse!!!

    lovely hair....
  • Thomas Luca 29. Januar 2005, 6:47

    Hi Donna,
    Thank You very much for your nice comment on my image "Appliance Fantasia". I appreciate it.
    Happy Shooting,
    Tommy Luca
  • David Delaney 23. Januar 2005, 21:40

    Hi Donna
    Thanks for your comment on stillness it was taken doing a studio session and I must admit it is my favorite of the shoot.
    I have looked through your photos and I have two favorites Dark,I think this is an excellent potrait, simple but effective and my other fav is your profile pic your horse is beautiful, keen and alert, you look as though you were born to ride.
    Kind Regards
  • Diego González Sanz 20. Januar 2005, 22:08

    Hi! Thanks fo your comment, yes, i think too it causes like the feeling as if you were leaning out to see what is down, thanks agai,
    Nice pictures you got too!


  • So- Lo 15. Januar 2005, 22:53

    Thank you Donna!
    That's a beautiful horse you've got there. :)

  • steffen s... 15. Januar 2005, 15:00

    thanks very much for comments
    nice time in here

    steffen s...
  • pipapo007 14. Januar 2005, 22:58

    ...Donna, you are great and so are your pics :-)))
  • Elizabeth Johnson 8. Januar 2005, 19:14

    You asked what kind of camera I have.. I have a Fujifilm FinePix A200.. and a Cannon T50.. Thanks for the comment!
  • Harry B.P.F. Jaeger 8. Januar 2005, 11:08

    Hi Donna,
    You have many interesting pictures in your folder

  • JVision 8. Januar 2005, 9:49

    Hi Donna,
    thanks a lot for your kind comments on my fotos.
    Beside your other fotos , i love the beautiful foto on your profil.
  • Regs Ray 8. Januar 2005, 9:46

    hey Donna!
    thank you for your comments!
    and great sense of hummor!!!!!!

    see you around!
    "buddy" buttoned you :)
  • FERRY TENTUA 6. Januar 2005, 17:31

    *** Dear Donna,
    I've add you to my buddy list, hope you don't mind...
  • LEE ELLAMS 5. Januar 2005, 15:41

    Hi Donna,

    Happy new year, all the very best for 2005

  • Janos Kiss 4. Januar 2005, 20:03

    Hi Donna!
    Thx a lot for your comment. I find your "?" Experiment great!
    Warmest regards, Janos
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