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  • Klark Helly 30. Mai 2020, 11:58

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  • monochromo 8. Mai 2009, 11:27

    thank you very much dan for your great words! its a honour for me!
    ...your gallery is a pleasure!

    much greetings, mc (werner)
  • monochromo 7. Mai 2009, 23:50

    another day@the platform
    another day@the platform
    thanks a lot dear dan for your great words!
    much greetings, mc (werner)
  • Menja Gschwender 20. Oktober 2008, 0:16

    hey.. where are you??? still bored of the kamera thing???
  • Menja Gschwender 2. Februar 2008, 13:26

    ok dont know what happend here.. sorry
    maybe you wıll figure it out!
  • Menja Gschwender 2. Februar 2008, 13:24

    ı agree wıth your poınts of vıew about photography and ım relıeved that there ıs stıll people wıth the same ıntentıons!! ı relly love your profıle and work!! good one...
    best wıshes
  • Istvan Stefan 3. Januar 2006, 1:16

    Bonne Année et bonnes photos!
  • Dana Niessen 17. November 2005, 21:58

    Hi Dan!
    I really like your pictures! My favorites: TheSun and Portrait1 - these are really wonderful!!
  • Dragomir Vukovic 23. Oktober 2005, 9:28

    wonderful work Dan
  • When 19. September 2005, 9:36

    Thank you for your comment on my profile Dan. I don't understand the popularity myself. I just like creative people, outside of the boxers. I try to encourage the best in people and challenge growth. I'm a patron of artists. Sometimes I am blessed by people liking me for it and sometimes I am cursed by those that like things to stay comfortable. I've got you on buddy mode, will be keeping an eye. Drop me a note at my Red Cylinders - the homage to all my friends on FC. I'd like to add some of my favorites of yours to my gallery.
  • When 16. September 2005, 13:35

    I like your perspective on photography. Your mood comes through well.
  • Vanessa Torres 8. September 2005, 23:15

    Hi Dan... I like so much your portafolio!!!... you have very good work congratulations.. I hope you will put here more of your creations.
  • Liz M 1. Juni 2005, 12:15

    Hi Dan
    Thats cool on the delayed reply, it was really good to recieve one, better late then never :-). If you are at all interested in reading the skryznecki poem then i would be more then happy to send it to you, but please i dont want you to feel obligated in any way, especially if you arnt that interested in poetry, and to tell you the truth there are poems that i love and hate. I am honoured that my photo concept inspired you in naming 'Threshold' i have never inspired anyone before it feels nice and i checked it out, its very good i like it alot. you are quite the photographer :-) and it was also very nice to have meet you aswell. and i look forward to seeing more of you photos
  • Giovana Gio 20. Mai 2005, 1:27

    very good..indeed!
    aparte, unic si original...indraznet si original...
    imi place mult viziunea si culoarea generala a pozelor...
    transmit o atmosfera usoara , racoritoare, calma...
  • Visiones de vida. 12. Mai 2005, 2:29

    Dan,...welcome to the FC,...My name is rAul,..and along with the rest of the team, we are here to assist you with any concerns or question,..i hope you enjoy the community,

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