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Cornelia Steckhan

Free Mitglied, München

Über mich

International Artist Cornelia Steckhan-Corky Art has made a massive impact on the art world in a short time with her expressionist painting exhibits in Munich, San Diego and Ensenada- Mexico . The Romanian-born German artist’s seemingly simplistic paintings reveal an incredible sophistication expressing her emotional experience versus physical reality. Starting late in the world of art after a successful business career Cornelia paintings depict her subjective emotions and responses that arise from her personal experiences.
Her depictions of the female visage express (Collection Speaking Eyes )her emotional and cty. omplex feelings in paintings such as Grandma’s Eyes, Nachdenklich (Pensive), Stress, Behind the Curtain and Wilted Beau
She shares her world travels ( Collection Impressions from the World ) in dynamic and emotional responses with her representations such as Snacks in Exotic Garden, Guilin, San Diego at Night, Unseen Golden Gate and Angels Over Mexico.
Continuing the German Artistic movement of Collection Fascination in Blue from her home town of Munich, Cornelia rejects the idea of realistic artistic style with her emotional reactions using powerful colors and shapes to form abstractive compositions such as Mystery in the Moonshine, Waiting for the Sunrise, Waterfall of Life, Under the Bridge to Shangri-La.
Cornelia’s texture and collage collection is difficult to define as she interweaves her feelings with paint and compounds revealing Gold on Pacific, Imperial Beach and Milky Way, Rasta.
Like Kandinsky, she employs simple colors and shapes to cause the viewer to experience extreme emotions with the drama of the scenes she depicts in her works.
Cornelia shares her time between homes in Munich and San Diego while creating new works and promoting her art through social networking and traditional means.
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