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Really enjoying the fotocommunity site. There are so many inspiring shots
I have always been a snapaholic with a desire to learn more about photography. Like many things it has been on the to do list for 20 years and some time before I die I will squeeze in some classes. Until that time I just experiment in a somewhat haphazzard way.
Currently using a Fuji FinePix Z1, which I have had for a year and only just had time to study the manual properly. Boy it does way more than I realised! I am drawn to nature, light plays and colour. I would love to tackle photo journalist style. Love photos the evoke memories too.

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  • Vesela Maleeva 4. Oktober 2006, 13:40

    Hi Clare, and thank you for your kind comment on my pic "Bloody". You have some beautiful sunset shots here and I loved the kitty one too.
  • Igor Zaleski 25. September 2006, 15:02

    Thanks Clare for your visit on my page. I Like your photos, the one named Shadows especially as I love such contrasts between dark and bright areas. It is always a challenge for all photographers to proper expose a film/CCD sensor.

    Best regards

  • Andrea Weidt 30. August 2006, 11:07

    Hi Clare,

    welcome at the fotocommunity!
    Have fun & enjoy the light, the colours and the memories.....
    Thanks for your comment!
    Greetings from Zürich
  • Marie Strydom 23. August 2006, 18:57

    Thanks for viewing and commenting on my photos. It is so much appreciated. Best wishes. Marie
    Silent Hunter
    Silent Hunter
    Marie Strydom
  • Clare Smith 23. August 2006, 13:13

    What a dope, posted in my own site!
  • Clare Smith 23. August 2006, 13:12

    Hey Jamie
    Your work is fabulous! I can see you will realise your dreams, if you ever get tiem away from this site lol! I live in central Mount Maunganuo, actually from Hokitika South Island but this is my second sojourn in Tga. Been here 18 mths this time. Great to meet, look forward to more chats.
    Kiaora Clare :-)
  • Jaime Crystal Attenborough 21. August 2006, 8:34

    you are from tauranga?
    where abouts i have a farm in papamoa, but i am living in sydney now, still go to NZ every now and then
    its great to have a tauranga girl with us :)

    hope you like my work and i cant wait to see yours
    greetings and Kia Ora
    jaime :)

  • Nikolaus Benz 18. August 2006, 23:00

    Hi Clare!
    They have all been trained and are racing to the top.
    Have a look at miyPics.
  • Jan Van Der Hooft 14. August 2006, 11:35

    Thanks Clare for your kind words
    Regards Jan and Zora
  • Nikolaus Benz 12. August 2006, 13:42

    Hi Clare!
    How very observant of you! You are abselutely spot on. I expect to race/hop my "Gastropods" to the very top after I have fully trained them.
  • Jacqueline Chay 12. August 2006, 12:49

    Hi Clare - Thank you for commenting on my pic Appreciated.
    Best wishes from Australia
  • YRG 11. August 2006, 13:38

    tank you very much for your comment about my photomodel :)
  • Nikolaus Benz 10. August 2006, 12:43

    Hi Clare!
    Many thanks for your comment to my Snail observation. I'm pleased that my picture made you laugh. I'm interested to learn if Snails down-under also hop?? Could you check out and inform me please.
    Best wishes from Cheltenham UK,
  • Boran Izkut 10. August 2006, 11:31

    Hi Clare, thank you for your comment.
    Bst Rgd`s
  • Milan Dobrojevic 28. Juli 2006, 15:14

    Welcome to FC, thank you for your comment.
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