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Christoph Keutmann

Free Mitglied, Sankt Augustin

Über mich

Well, I started taking B&W pictures with a 6x9 box camera at the age of 12. Photography turned a more serious hobby at 16, when I got a used 2-eyed Ikonoflex 6x6 from my parents. Night scenes and thunderstorm pictures were my favourites at that time. The real thing started when I finally bought my first 35mm SLR, a Minotla SRT 101 in 1969. A couple of other Minoltas followed and the albums and slide collections started to crowd my storage room. In 1997, during a business trip to the US, I grabbed an AGFA E1280, my first digital one, moving over to a CANON G2 in 2001 and a CANON EOS 300D SLR in 2004.
Panoramic photos have been a sweet spot of mine and I am moving further into this topic right now. Macro pictures of floral themes also fill my albums. During excursions and visits to other cities I love to collect a lot of bizarre pix, along with the usual sightseeing & landscape collections.
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