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Attila Szabadkai

Free Mitglied, Pécs

Über mich

At first I was taking product photos for some articles I wrote for a Hungarian hardware site. With a HP C500... I bought a Sony V1 right when I could finally afford it, and wanted to take the best looking photos possible, still as illustrations to the articles.
But I also tried the camera out in various other situations, and found it much fun to use. I started to see things in a different way, and noticed stuff that I would have never before. There was no stopping from then. Now I am browsing Photo Galleries and Photographic sites quite a few hours a day, and love to take photos. I recently switched to DSLR, first a 300D, and now a 10D. Oh, and I absolutely love fast prime lenses . :)
At the beginning I was mostly taking photos of landscapes, nature, then started to find abstract more interesting, and now I am trying myself out in portraits, shallow DOF photos, and hopefully some fashion and conceptual photography in the near future.
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