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Svetlana is a fine art photographer from Kazakhstan.

Svetlana is a fine art photographer from Kazakhstan. She uses style of an old portrait painting to create images that are thematically focused on identity, relationships, emotions and dreams. Her immaculate technique creates beautiful evocations of universal emotions of beauty, femininity and fragility. She expertly visualizes atmospheric dreams, utilizing the uncanny and clever metaphor, while unlocking what it means to think, feel, dream and express in the modern world. Svetlana has exhibited internationally with collective exhibitions in Europe and the USA. She has also exhibited at Paris, France. Her ethereal aesthetic has won multiple art prizes and garnered critical acclaim from press.

If you're looking for video tutorials to create portraits in the style of ancient paintings, please visit my site

Kommentare 39

  • LeoMinor 20. Februar 2021, 22:35

    Starke Portraits, Respekt.

    LG, Jörn
  • Neydhart von Gmunden 15. April 2020, 10:25

    Guten Morgen !
    Du zeigst uns wunderbare Portraits und einen tiefen Einblick in eure Geschichte.
    Ich bin tief beeindruckt !
    Herzlich liebe Grüße,
    Neydhart v.G.
  • Tim_Möller 3. März 2020, 0:02

    awesome portraits and great style!
  • MA Ko 23. Juni 2019, 9:46

    You Are a master in Portrait Photographie!!!
    L.G. Maria
  • MA Ko 23. Juni 2019, 9:46

    You Are a master in Portrait Photographie!!!
    L.G. Maria
  • rootc 25. Januar 2019, 20:58

    excellent gallery
    best wishes
  • Totoosart 8. November 2018, 10:13

    Greetings and congratulations on your awesome artwork and gallery. Love your work, especially the black and white portraits, your work is sublime and i look forward to seeing more. Thanks for sharing Beauty and stay beautiful, Totoo
  • nad.x 23. Oktober 2018, 17:09

    Great artistic work. I like it a lot! Bravo
  • † Anne Louise Schneider 18. Oktober 2018, 13:30

    jedes Bild von dir
    ein KUNSTWERK!!!
    Grüße von Anne
  • Marion Jäger 16. Oktober 2018, 15:29

    Great works. It's art.
  • U.-- S. 7. Oktober 2018, 9:04

    sometimes you discover at fc  really amazing pictures....
    very impressive  your work .... Outstanding and quite different......its a pleasure to Look on ....its Not only photografic its art
  • wikinger12 30. September 2018, 19:32

    Very great portraits! The different kind of faces is also very nice. Great work! LG Rainer
  • dolphine 30. August 2015, 21:14

    Each portrait you have maked is very impressive. I'm looking at theese faces, and each image shows me its own history. Thank you very much for your art therapy, it's first-rate!
    Sincerely yours,
  • † Anne Louise Schneider 31. Oktober 2014, 17:43

    deine Portraits sind großARTig!!!
    Grüße von Anne
  • Dollyprincess 14. Juni 2014, 7:44

    I see my photo that you butchered finally got deleted. I wonder if the other work in your gallery is also thieved works too..It doesn't matter if something is "free". You should have given credit where it was DUE. Sorry.
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