Andang Wales

kostenloses Benutzerkonto, South Wales

Über mich

Camera used: Panasonic Lumix DMC TZ6 and TZ8

Comments in D, GB, F, E are welcome :))

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Kommentare 13

  • Heike J 12. Juni 2010, 11:48

    Thanks a lot, we are half gone away but it was too windy, so we had to abort the climb.
  • Uschi D. 8. Juni 2010, 18:00

    Dear Andang...
    Thank you very much for the comments regarding my picture at the roadside.... I was really happy about that....

    Kind Regards from Bavaria... Uschi

  • Nicola Lorenzi 7. Juni 2010, 20:20

    thx a lot for your comment.
    Cartolina di Santorini
    Cartolina di Santorini
    Nicola Lorenzi
  • Thomas Johannes Riemann 13. März 2010, 12:46

    Es freut mich, wenn die Bilder gefallen und Danke für die Mühe!
    Viele Grüße
  • Lucy Trachsel 16. Januar 2010, 21:29

    Thank you for your kind comment.
  • Peter Arnheiter 14. Januar 2010, 18:41

    Thank You very much for your surprising comment! Did you really understand the joke written in Swiss German? (:-))
    Best regards
    Appenzeller Wirtschaftsgeografie
    Appenzeller Wirtschaftsgeografie
    Peter Arnheiter

    Would you like other Appenzeller jokes ? Some are linked under this pic ...
    Letztes Leuchten vor dem Lichterlöschen
    Letztes Leuchten vor dem Lichterlöschen
    Peter Arnheiter
  • Vera Laake 8. Januar 2010, 10:38

    Thank you for the nice Words!
    Greetings, Vera
  • Annette He 5. Januar 2010, 13:03

    I looked at your pics and I like what I saw. GB is a really wonderful country. I´d like to see more from it, know London and Scotland.
    Best regards,
  • Hans-Reiner Bohn 5. Januar 2010, 12:38

    winter mornings
    winter mornings
    Hans-Reiner Bohn

    stimme Dir da zu...
    In der Tat ein herrliches Stück Erde.
    g, reiner
  • - Edith Vogel 4. Januar 2010, 22:12

    DANKE für deine nette Anmerkung
    zu meinem Foto!
    bizzare Gebilde.....
    bizzare Gebilde.....
    - Edith Vogel

    Ich habe mich sehr darüber gefreut!
  • Fredi Gyger 22. Dezember 2009, 21:40

    Thank you very much for your comment on
    Fredi Gyger

    I wish you merry Christmas and all the best for 2010!
    kind regards, Fredi
  • Annette He 19. November 2009, 15:45

    Thanks so much for your coment. I love norway, it is my paradise. I try to go there as often as I can. In december I will go to North of Norway and see orcas. In february I go there again, I think I will enjoy it. You can see the pictures of these trips here on my side.
    It is a beautifu area where you life, I like it.

    Best wishes,
  • Markus 4 23. Oktober 2009, 19:00

    I like your Brecon Beacon pictures. Absolut great
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