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Ailing Photography

Free Mitglied, Cologne

Über mich

Born in Germany, I grew up in a small village with our farmer and his cows to be the only commercial highlight nearby.
With my dad being a repro-photographer and my mum being the most creative person I'd ever met (you should see her decorating our Christmas Eve table - unbelievable!), I kind of naturally started expressing my creative impulses at an early age of four with ballet and (at that time rather abstract) drawings.

When I finally bought my first SLR in 2011, I got stuck on photography immediately as it made me see all the beauty of this world and its people for what felt like the first time ever. So I started taking a cam with me wherever I went. And that's basically how Ailing Photography came to life.

Btw, this nom de plume or stage name refers to my chinese name Lei Ailing, with Ailing figuratively meaning something like 'love is my incentive'. As it is a great and suitable characterization of how I bring my creativity to life (in which way ever), I chose it as a title for my photographs showing what moves my heart while travelling the world and meeting amazing people on the road.

Until today I was lucky enough to travel throughout the world with London, Paris, Johannesburg, Sydney, Canberra, Bangkok, Beijing, Shanghai, Los Angeles, San Francisco and New York City being only a few of my former destinations. I captured all my experiences in my photographs and I'm more than happy to share them with you.

find me on facebook: www.facebook.com/ailingphotography
follow me on instagram: ailing_photography
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