Aguinaldo C. Vera-Cruz

kostenloses Benutzerkonto, Lisboa

Über mich

I was born 1957/02/19, Portuguese, living in Lissabon. I´m married and I have a 10 years old liitle girl.
About photography, all it started with 16 years old when I got my first reflex, an Asahi Pentax Spotmatic F.
There is one thing I really don´t like to do : To manipulate a photo !! I took it that way I show it like it really is !
However, photography is only one of my main hobbies together with chess.
If there is something else I should say please let me know that I will do it.
Thanks to you all !

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  • Maria João Arcanjo 31. Mai 2009, 13:50

    Oi \\\Aguinaldo! Nao te sabia por aqui....

    Maria Joao arcanjo
  • Alexander Max Maier 13. Juni 2007, 12:57


    tolles portfolio, glückwunsch.

    schöne grüße aus ulm, alex

    ps. ->
  • Kurt Hödl 25. Juni 2003, 16:28

    Hi Aguinaldo,
    vour Pic'x are so fantastik..
    i love them...

    bye Kurt
  • Stefan Rohloff 4. April 2003, 10:47

    Aguinaldo, I just had a look at your pictures and like them very much. Your have got a very good eye for the light. I put your name on my buddy-list and I'm looking forward for more of you :-)
    I've been to your land 12 years ago (oh god, time is running) and I liked it very much. Some of your fotos show things, I've seen that time.

    Ciao, Stefan
  • Jörg-M. Seifert 31. März 2003, 10:50

    I love Lissboa but i was never there. You show great pictures here and i press the buddie-bottom now.

    greetings Jörg
  • Gerhard G. 29. März 2003, 21:33

    I love your photos. I hope that we can also see your profile photo soon.
  • Le Greg 4. Oktober 2002, 18:12

    Um português na galeria !!!!! Muitos parabens, as suas fotos são muito interessantes.
    greg (francês vivendo em Lisboa)
  • Monika Die 24. Mai 2002, 21:56

    Hello Aguinaldo,
    thanks for telling me, that I did have a mistake in a picture title. I just changed it from barrio till bairro ;-)
    I did look through your photographs and I like them very you are on my buddy-list...
    Obrigada once of the few words I know in your language
  • Chris M.. 21. März 2002, 23:14

    Hi Aguinaldo,

    though I prefer IR in color, your work catched my eye ... very nice.

    I hope to visit Portugal again soon ... not only a nice IR land :-)


  • Hermann Klecker 20. März 2002, 1:18

    you are definitely a win for our fotocommunity. Especially as ir photography is very rare in here.
    I which I would manage the HIE (?) as you do.
    Do you use ans special or secret technoloy?

  • Felix Agel 9. März 2002, 23:35

    Saludos desde Alemania para Portugal. Me gustan mucho tus lindos fotos. Gracias por tu positivo comentario de mis fotos. Felix
  • Susanne Werther 8. März 2002, 11:45

    Hi Aguinaldo,
    if've seen your pictures and I'm roused. Please let us see more.

    With great greetings Susi
  • Hubert Bauer-Falkner 7. März 2002, 20:16

    Hello Mr. Aguinaldo C. Vera-Cruz!

    Thank you for your notes about my pictures! I think all your pictures are very good. Your photos in black and white are great. But we can see no picture off yourself! But that doesn´t matter. I hope we will see more from this arts off photographie! I wish you all the best and take more such wonderful pictures about your country.

  • Walter J. Pilsak 2. März 2002, 13:53

    Hello Aguinaldo, your photos are wonderful. Many greetings from walter J.
  • Dieter Schumann 1. März 2002, 17:26

    Oh sorry, i don't speek spanish - sorry portogeese - even my english is not very much better :-)

    So just thanks for the informations about your person and much fun in our community.

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