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Hello dear friends. After nearly two years in Fotocommunity, i am leaving the site. I think i don't find "my place" in FC. I think that it comes from me, not from you. I was satisfied to know you and to see your photos on a daily basis. I wish you all a good continuation, and especially full of pleasure in the life :-) Jérôme.

Thanks a lot for all your kind comments, and all the best for you :-)

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  • Toni Toth 29. Mai 2017, 12:04

  • Li.B. 2. März 2017, 19:21

    Sad but more than understandable. This site seems to be made for "retirees", less for photographers, especially your caliber. Your website is marked. All the best!
  • M.Anderson 19. Februar 2017, 19:18

    Bonne chance mon ami.
  • La Sarda 18. Februar 2017, 15:06

  • Tassos Kitsakis 1. Dezember 2016, 10:24

    Et je m'en vais
    Au vent mauvais
    Qui m'emporte
    Deçà, delà,
    Pareil à la
    Feuille morte.

    C'est nôtre Chemin, nôtre vie, c'est la photographie.
    Bonne chance mon ami.
  • Dragomir Vukovic 17. November 2016, 9:10

    grand light with you and your strong work !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • Christos Banos 11. November 2016, 18:28

    Hello Silon,
    Thank your for your nice comment!
    Best rgrds, Christos
    Autumnal mood
    Autumnal mood
    Christos Banos
  • Conquest 4. November 2016, 23:48

    Hey Sillon,
    after all these years I want to say thank you for your comments and support.
    I love the way how you turn moments into a picture.
  • Guillermo Luder 31. Oktober 2016, 15:54

    Gracias por tu visita. Celebro que te haya gustado mi fotografía. Un saludo desde Argentina.
  • † Remesco 28. Oktober 2016, 22:56

    Merci pour ta visite, amitiés.
  • Peter Krumme 27. Oktober 2016, 11:31

    You don´t have many pictures on this site. But every single one is amazing and impressive. I think the main reason is the way you combine the elements of the picture. I like that very much.
  • © Ulrike L. 25. Oktober 2016, 21:31

    ich bin fasziniert!!
  • Henning Waschk 21. Oktober 2016, 8:41

    thanks jerome for your comment on "Street in Porto". :-)
  • Visiones de Vida 20. Oktober 2016, 20:42


    Truly appreciate your compliments and encouragement!...

  • Certeau Dominique 20. Oktober 2016, 8:40

    Je ne fais que passer.
    Je ne fais que passer.
    Certeau Dominique

    Merci pour ton com.
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