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You're in the Army now

You're in the Army now

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Erik Feingold

World Mitglied, München

You're in the Army now

Mein Army-Pass photo, August 1988

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  • Hans-Dieter Illing 14. August 2005, 15:33

    Hi Erik,
    War doesn't stopp when I hide my military photos. Sadly. But such photos with me in uniform don't show my character and individuality. And I won't show it willingly.

    Army is not a bad tradition. Thats true. Sometimes there are necessary. But in Germany there was a bad tradition with armies, an my pa und grandpa were in armies, who fight in very bad political conditions. They don't want it, but they have to do. And in democratic states you are free to ask for the reason, why you should go to a war. And which people profit by it. That's all what I mean.

    All the best too,
  • Erik Feingold 10. August 2005, 0:52

    @Hans Dieter: Your English is fine. Its an interesting story you have there... A war starts every time you show your photo... Does this mean that wars stop when you hide your photo ;-)

    Army is not a bad tradition in my eyes. You only need to make sure that you keep your conscious, your values and your morals as your compass and don't let populists to manipulate it. I know that its harder than it sounds... But hey, if you have to do something wrong, you must do it right :-)

    All the best,
  • Hans-Dieter Illing 8. August 2005, 15:25

    @ Erik
    Oh Erik. At the last time when I showed it came a war. It was the Gulf War in 1991. Now I don't want a war, and so I do not show it. When I look at the international politic, I think it's necessary not to show.
    It's not a proud photo. I went to the army, because I have to go. In my family is a bad tradition. Nearly every male people had to go to an army, and from every man exists such photos. It's a (bad) German tradition. But in the future it will be stopped, because I haven't children
    (Sorry, my english is very baaaad.)
  • Erik Feingold 4. August 2005, 20:28

    @HansDieter: Yes, I survived, although wounded.

    True, I don't look very happy... I was 18 and 4 months and did not know what to expect.

    Why don't you show your photo here?

  • Hans-Dieter Illing 27. Juli 2005, 5:12

    Na hoffentlich bist Du wieder draußen, und hast ohne größeren Schaden an Leib und Seele überstanden. Glücklich wirkst Du nicht gerade auf diesem Foto. Von mir gibt es aber auch solch ein Foto.