THREE WOMAN (Fernand Leger, MoMA, NY)

THREE WOMAN (Fernand Leger, MoMA, NY)

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Robert Bauer

Premium (World), Bad Homburg (davor 45 Jahre Stuttgart)

THREE WOMAN (Fernand Leger, MoMA, NY)

Three Women is an example of Leger’s smooth forms, created with machine-like solidity and a precision reminiscent of technology. In the tradition of classical images of female nudes, the three women recline in a chic apartment, sipping their drinks. The bodies of the women have been simplified into clean forms of smooth shapes, their smooth skin polished like metal. After serving in World War I, in which he was badly injured, Leger hoped that technological advances and the machine age would cure the chaos unleashed by the war. His quasi-mechanical shapes exemplify his intent to use art as a representation of the possibilities of the machine age.

Les Demoiselles d'Avignon
Les Demoiselles d'Avignon
Robert Bauer

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Kamera Canon PowerShot G1 X
Objektiv 15.1-60.4 mm
Blende 2.8
Belichtungszeit 1/60
Brennweite 15.1 mm
ISO 640