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Dianaq Emmons

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This is Beauty

My Granddaughter asked me to take her picture in her new bathing suit. Wow, she is so beautiful.

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  • Bannerman 7. August 2005, 23:21

    This is a beautiful portrait. Congrats !
  • Bill Butler 7. August 2005, 7:39

    Very Nice and Natural.
  • Dominic Falcone 6. August 2005, 23:26

    A soft,warm and natural expression, lovely portrait.
  • Rohan Akunoori 6. August 2005, 8:34

    Beauty Of a Princess, Perfect capture of the moment for sure thats beauty. Nice color contrast and like the Blue pink and red makes up for the mood.
    Very sweet and beautiful for a picture.
    Moments are what makes a picture perfect and real this is the best capture of reality in its natural beauty that say it all.
    Keep shooting. Welcome to FC.
    God Bless you.



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