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The Princesses

beautiful souls.

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  • s. sabine krause 31. März 2013, 11:23

    one looks into these princesses' faces and can't resist guessing at their characters ; ). shyness, level-headedness, adventurousness, coquettishness, inquisitiveness, a bit of sadness and pain maybe, mischief etc. etc., and, above all, an iron will sprinkled over all of them! a leader of the pack is among them too: the girl with the soccer smurf on her shirt ; ), giving the camera a smoochy grin and letting her eyes sparkle, while balancing her spunky spirit nonchalantly on one leg! ; ) go girls! let your power rule! and may life not destroy you! greetings, sabine.
  • Lawson McCulloch 30. März 2013, 20:29

    A very lovely group portrait.
    best wishes,