Stadtbild Wuppertal 27

Stadtbild Wuppertal 27

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Frederick Mann

Premium (World), Wuppertal-Arrenberg

Stadtbild Wuppertal 27

This is what one would/could see, as passenger, in Wuppertal's Schwebebahn ... looking out the windows ... the Schwebebahn is an overhead train; swinging, hanging on one rail,
the fotos are taken from inside the train.. usually moving.. (up to 35kmh) above the streets, over the river Wupper and through the various stations (a route of 13km hin und 13km zurück).

Stadtbild Wuppertal 28
Stadtbild Wuppertal 28
Frederick Mann

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  • max liet 27. August 2007, 22:08

    it could be ecuador
  • Frederick Mann 27. August 2007, 16:48

    @Kerstin G ... wow... you were right... I changed it to where it belongs... (see what happens when one works on the computer and is on the phone... tsk tsk... naughty Fredrick)

    thank you Kerstin

    (wipes the sweat from his brow)
  • Anni R. 27. August 2007, 10:43

    sieht sehr schön aus :-)
  • E-Punkt 27. August 2007, 8:54

    Wundervoll blasse Farben.
    Schöne Spiegelung.
    Wie du es fotografiert hast,
    wirkt selbst eine Baustelle wie
    diese voll harmonisch und ins Bild passend
    Lg. Elfi