Stadtbild Wuppertal 02 (Döpps-_- Platte)

Stadtbild Wuppertal 02 (Döpps-_- Platte)

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Frederick Mann

Premium (World), Wuppertal-Arrenberg

Stadtbild Wuppertal 02 (Döpps-_- Platte)

This is what one would/could see, as passenger, in Wuppertal's Schwebebahn ... looking out the windows ... the Schwebebahn is an overhead train; swinging, hanging on one rail,
the fotos are taken from inside the train.. usually moving.. (up to 35kmh) above the streets, over the river Wupper and through the various stations (a route of 13km hin und 13km zurück).

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  • Martina F. 11. Juni 2007, 19:39

    Döppersberg changed a lot. I still remember it from way back when it still had the fountain (Brunnen) where we would meet Saturdays after school, before going to the Luisencafé , having a hot chocolate.