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Seeds of Light...

Seeds of Light...

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Canan Oner

kostenloses Benutzerkonto, Istanbul

Seeds of Light...

Anyone who has walked through the valley of despair and come out the other side knows that even in that darkness, seeds of light can be found. Often their tendrils reach out of the gloom and into the daylight alongside the journeyer who emerges from that deep sorrow. When I found myself in the place of despair, it helped me to know this, so that I didn't give up. I stopped, took a deep breath, and reminded myself that I will find myself on the other side of this troubled time, and that I may even emerge with something new to offer.
Had some real hard times for so long; especially, serious health problems concerning me and some of the family members.That's the reason I couldn't be present in FC for a long time.
I owe a big THANK YOU for all who has sent me cards on my birthday, sent me mails , fotomails, to all who were concerned about me..
Millions of hearfelt thanks and loads of hugs to you...

Kommentare 30

  • Inez Correia Marques 11. April 2013, 17:36

    just stepping stones ,

    very beautiful!! kiss
  • Ali Kusoglu 10. April 2013, 19:32

    ......... _
    ....... /..(|
    ...... (....:
    .... __\....\.._
    .. (____)...`|
    . (____)|....'|
    .. '(____).__
    ... (___)__..|

    Wie sagt man so schön wenn der Daumen hoch steht?

    ….....…….***** Großartig *****…….....….
    ......((K))* ((L))* ((A))* ((S))* ((S))* ((E)).......
    Ich wünsche dir noch ein angenehmes Abend

    Liebe Grüße Kusoglu
  • CarmenV 20. März 2013, 21:44

    Beautiful, as all your pictures !
  • Iolanda rodriguez 19. März 2013, 19:39

    .Que belleza....!!!!
  • Jürg Scherrer 19. März 2013, 17:34

    I'm so happy to see you back, dear Canan -
    hope your dark period will soon be a sad memory.
    Wonderful and very fine your work with the luminous roses.
    I wish all the best to you and to your family.
    A warm hug to you, dear Canan!
  • JOKIST 18. März 2013, 18:33

    F A S Z I N I E R E N D ! ! !

    LG Ingrid und Hans
  • isabel jara 18. März 2013, 12:40

    Bellísimo trabajo, elegante y bello*******************
  • BÄRbelleS 18. März 2013, 9:49

    Nice to see you! What a wonderful pcture out of
    the darkness.
    Best wishes to you - liebe Grüße Barbara
  • Alessandro Russo 18. März 2013, 0:30

  • Fons van Swaal 17. März 2013, 23:54

    Good to see you back again Canan....
    I hope that you are soon healed from all the despair , sickness and dark periods in your life ..
    Wishing you and your family members all the best..
    Best Regards,
  • adriana lissandrini 17. März 2013, 23:12

    Dear friend, I am happy to see you again and I really hope that you will soon be out of the tunnel, I want you healed in body and heart, I embrace strong
  • DRAGA PUC 17. März 2013, 23:03

    Canan Canan, welcome back. Hope you are ok. Wish you all the best
  • Angelika El. 17. März 2013, 20:43

    So good, to see a sign of life here! - Take care!!! Times are changing - that's often a solace....


  • Adele Oliver 17. März 2013, 19:41

    so beautifully done, and so fitting for your words - I am so happy to see you back, dear friend !!
    all the best and a big hug,
  • Jojo. 17. März 2013, 18:39

    Pure merveille



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