Seagulls in Gibraltar

Seagulls in Gibraltar

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Esti Eini

kostenloses Benutzerkonto, Raanana

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  • dolphine 5. August 2015, 17:53

    Thank you for this scope, where A lot of air is. Excellent shot!
  • Luiz Porto 27. Februar 2006, 1:52

    Wonderful composition
  • Rob Brydon 6. Dezember 2005, 10:26

    Well captured Esti. Dramatic..Nice work..Rob (NZ)
  • Nyo Pu 7. November 2005, 17:20

    It is really hard to get a great shot of birds.
    You captured well. Congratulations,
  • Emi Satou 21. Oktober 2005, 0:51

    great moment & wonderful view.
    Love this.
  • Emma Evans 15. September 2005, 14:08

    Beautiful, well contrasted, perspective like photo.
    Perhaps crop the right side of the image a lil? i dunno.
    anyhow cheers, Emma
  • Robert L. Roux 5. September 2005, 23:27

    This one has been a Favourite for a while - gulls rank highly on my very favourite birds list and the view in your picture is amazing ... !
    Greetings - R
  • Helmi Dahl 28. August 2005, 11:07

    a very nice picture.
    lg. Helmi
  • Vanessa Torres 21. August 2005, 8:56

    Veryy gooood photooooo!!! I liked so much a very good composition
  • Darinka Mladenovic 4. August 2005, 14:31

    Wow, very good photo. Regards Darinka
  • When 1. August 2005, 2:44

    O.K., me again. I don't typically do this, but I tinkered with someone elses picture. I don't like to question anothers choices. I tried rotating and croping, and even adjusted the saturation. Honestly, the picture lost it's effect when the horizon was leveled, the saturation didn't make that much of a difference, and the croping to compensate for the rotation ended up loosing some of the details that were special to the picture. I really think worrying about technical issues here over the subject and emotion destroys the intent. Like it just the way it is.
  • When 1. August 2005, 0:07

    I just read the other's comments. As for the horizon, O.K., technically it is confusing, but I feel changing it would interfer with the balance of the seagulls, the branch and even the ships. I think you made a good decision the way it is, but if you wanted you could try to balance out rotate to the right.
  • When 1. August 2005, 0:03

    Lovely, very dimentional photo, great movement and mood.
  • Tony AKa fototaker 16. Juli 2005, 12:39

    lovely foto!! perfect tiMing!!!
  • Sabine Peter 5. Juni 2005, 8:06

    A really nice subject - especially the tree coming from left into center. But the landscape is falling down to left ( or going uo to right ;)) ) - I would change this if possible!
    Greetings, Sabine


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