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Holy Thursday (Ostara)

I want to thank you getting me connected again with all that sound you make in space. I met you a long time ago, accompaning me through the times. Don't know how long at all, I only know that this is a fact. You connected me again with telling me about Non-Locals and Butterfly Lies who can be sometimes appear black or white..... it was owl light shining. I don't know why this all happened and still happens.....but it has something to do with you, with Penny Century and a Millionth Happy Customer, electric brains, with great fear and an antistatic running out system. Airwaves crackling with life, a magic wall of Voodoo (?)..... Newgrange where I was allowed from a guide named Mary to lie down on the ancient floor and who let me touch this signs on the wall written by someone I never knew...or do I?...... Newgrange again. I only wanted to like it …there was another sign on the wall of someone ANONYMOUS shared there which was made by myself showing a real tough and cool guy I met with his amazing family in Northern Ireland and whom I wanted to be liked here from more because he simply deserves it.....there was some more, yesterday and all the times before....I can’t look through it right now, it’s a miracle, a slow chainreaction.

Facedances, provoking me to ask who you are, Golden Gods not at all, doing great gigs in the sky to remain forever. Lights and shades...shattered guitars on concrete, a stairway we all know. And there was a girl named Gwinna. It’s the tale of a girl who didn’t know she got wings. Gwinna will tell you much about myself, about you and about every single creature on this planet….. If ever you have been through the places I were before, you may know about Gwinna. The people remember her songs. …won’t forget about her, they will show you a feather she left behind, or if you're lucky a place where they saw her in the forest, or in the sky….They say you need only to ask the owls and they will send for her. I sent them and you got the message.….I’m glad you have heard me saying THANK YOU and simply noticing, inviting me and welcoming and connecting me again. Thank you for getting me back here on the boulevard for raising my voice to tune in. I will tune in and stay tuned. Life - and love - is different in most cases. I wish everybody enough. And not too much. Stay tuned. I really, really like you. That's for sure. :-)

Thank you. I wish you a good journey. May you be blessed with love, light, joy and gratitude! And with having FUN.... *g. Of course..... :-)))

Yours sincerely

Eloy, Shilouettes http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nfuUWyFgYNM

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