part of a  story, (... I was fascinated by the color)

part of a story, (... I was fascinated by the color)

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Frederick Mann

Premium (World), Wuppertal-Arrenberg

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  • Ida-Lena 7. Dezember 2008, 0:42

    klasse schnitt und der blick , eine wundebare inspirierende und spannende portrait - serie !
    LG Ida :)
  • Inez Correia Marques 6. Dezember 2008, 14:43

  • Andrej Nagode 22. Juni 2008, 11:13

    Exellent picture!
  • Bineta 22. Juni 2008, 8:25

    The Schwebebahn seem to be a
    melting pot of cultures…
  • Dragomir Vukovic 19. Juni 2008, 23:23

  • Dragomir Vukovic 19. Juni 2008, 23:22

  • Frederick Mann 19. Juni 2008, 10:16

    @die.Anna ... I hadn't though about that.. it's apposibility .. the color itself is aussererdish

    @irene die navarro ... fine line.. and idea.. I'll let it work on me.. thank you

    @NARA YANA(1) .. oh... you think so.. but I have the feeling that Eve these days has more than three faces... the times are a' changin'

    @Yvonne Steigl ... I just can't imagine what color her hair would be ... judging from the blue that fits her so well. I'd guess she had black hair...

    @Barbel Schlosser ... it's not Illegal to cover up one's neck (at least not yet.. but that could change) ... hey.. I guess I'm the only one here that saw her face..

    @Marina Luise .. what an interesting association...

    @Irca Caplikas ... yes.. very feminine

    @Lisa und Albert .. tsk tsk.. but not in the Schwebebahn.. da is die Welt in ordnung

    @Zimtohren ... well certainly not sharia

    @Niko Cobben .. but not in Wuppertal Niko

    @AliceWonderland... yes, I see it exactly so

    @Petra Ott ... but I don't think they will notice me... I'm almost invisible .. besides I don't have to hold my damera up the eye... (which has definite advantages)... and besides I tell anyone who is curious.. that I have no film in the camera.. and that's the truth ... I swear

    @Michael Frohlich... yes wish similar thoughts I have started with this series.. and it's helped along .. I see more not .. and have gotten more sensitive to the uniqueness of life in the city and universe

    @Krispee... such colors and situations are more common than one would think.. our human environment is really fascinatingl and individual ...

    @ArnoWe ... okay... I'll keep an eye open for you.. maybe we'll meet ... (I usually sit in the back) ... or move about so no one notices me

    @Bettina Stein-Stelter ... yes I agree... I always wear a cappy when on the Platte.. there are some many Pigeons flying around

  • Bettina Bürgel-Stein 19. Juni 2008, 7:21

    Aus den verschiedensten Gründen werden Kopfbedeckungen getragen.....und die Farbe ist Muslima- Blau :-)
    LG Bettina
  • Shiva Sandfort 18. Juni 2008, 23:55

    Das ist so fein tiefsinnig witzig......;-)))
    LG, Shiva
  • Christiane Wüllner 18. Juni 2008, 23:13

    Da wär ich auch fasziniert....*gg*
    :-)) Christiane
  • ArnoWe 18. Juni 2008, 23:10

    Ein schöner Hinterkopf (Backside) kann auch entzücken. Muss mal wieder Schwebenbahn fahren! It's also a view of our current society.
  • GuteMiene 18. Juni 2008, 23:09

    Toll diese Hinterköpfe, die Farbe ist ein echter Knaller.

    :-) Krispee
  • Michael Fröhlich 18. Juni 2008, 22:35

    So manchmal ist mir wenn ich in großen Städten die Frage gekommen, wo wollen die nur alle hin? Alle ständig in Bewegung. Dieses Bild erinnert mich an diese immer wiederkehrene Frage nach der Rastlosigkeit in diesem Lan, in dieser Zeit, in mir selbst. Als hätten sie tatsächlich ein Ziel.

    LG Micha
  • Petra Ott 18. Juni 2008, 22:28

    Wahrscheinlich schauen sich die Passagiere der Schwebebahn mittlerweile hektisch um, weil sie denken du sitzt hinter ihnen. ;-)) VG petra
  • AliceWonderland 18. Juni 2008, 21:54

    Interessanter Einblick in unsere Umwelt :-)
    LG Alice