München: Englischer Garten

München: Englischer Garten

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Ada Candeias

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München: Englischer Garten

I`ve made this photo last year during one of my journeys. Unfortunately, I think the photo is a bit out of focus...

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  • om photodesign 14. Februar 2007, 19:25

    Also mir gefällt der Rahmen.
    Ist mal etwas anderes als sonst!
  • Ada Candeias 23. Oktober 2006, 21:46

    @ Dirk:

    I think you are right about the frame Dirk: it seems in fact a bit strange, anyway it was just a try. Maybe I can think about a better solution for it next time :-)

    Thanks Ada
  • Dirk Seifert 23. Oktober 2006, 20:55

    Hi Ada,
    I can't see a big focus problem, because the tree in the middle of the picture seems to be sharp.
    So, the picture has depth and the light is pretty good.
    But, in my opinion the frame is a little bit strange... but it is more or less a matter of taste.