Jasmund Nationalpark

Jasmund Nationalpark

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Jasmund Nationalpark

Hiking along the cliff

From Sassnitz you can take a nice walk along the cliff path along the cliff Königsstuhl. Track distance from Sassnitz train station about 9-10 km at a walking time of about 2 - 3 hours depending on the view breaks. Take bus line 20 from Königsstuhl is the return to the station Sassnitz possible. The entry point to the path along the cliff is found in Sassnitz at the end of the "Wedding Street". The way you will also pass the Wissower clinics. The famous cliffs plunged 2005, however, to a large extent in the Baltic Sea. The Wissower clinics created in 2005 by erosion.

On the further way you still get past some beautiful viewpoints, such as at the Ernst-Moritz-Arndt-view which can be found after the first third of the way. Here is a "footstool" without rest. A lovely spot is also the following Auguste-Viktoria-view north of the Kieler brook (also with footstool). Of particular interest is the Victoria-view, which is about half a kilometer before the king chair and a spectacular view down towards the Baltic Sea allowed. The small viewing platform is only something for largely vertigo (possibly short wait at the dock because of a few people understood). Of course, the cliff is already committed more, but compared to the crowds directly on Königstuhl it is here still relatively quiet. Alone one is naturally rare in the high season. Those looking for solitude, should avoid high season and take the hike z. B. in the fall in the attack. Then the Buchenwald is nice and colorful.

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