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Heine Christiansen

Free Mitglied, Berlin

: intermission :

"4 the variation in beauty" .. this concept has been on it`s way for quite some time now, and I have to admit, it is beginning to live up to it`s title! The plan is to gather and give away the scarce collection of digital work I have done since 2007 - when available you can purchase the book (profit is passed on to charity) and/or download the e-book, naturally for free. Details will follow when time is due. A lot of stuff concerns me these days and i am kept busy. Within this year I will bring this collection/project to life for good though ..as I hate to see you missing out on a good read in the toilet! ;) This is what I intend with this project, to give something to you in the hope it will clear your mind for a little while - life in a monetary system is complicated.. but then it`s nice we have free art to in-JOY here and there. There is a good chance the electronic version exhibits more art, more photographic frames if you like, than the printed version, but that`s just to make clear that not being bound by a stagnating monetary system is beneficial to you and not just me, in fact more beneficial than you could probably ever imagine.

Take a look my profile if you`d like more info on the topic on how we escape powerty, scarcity & war - just to mention an ignored debate! This debate is non-political, and from the same street: not concerned about religion either; we`ll talk about structuring society according to the method of science, but I call it rational thinking.

Have a nice day and please do chip in some thoughts on the subject. You can do it in german, it`s cool with me. As for the portrayed picture above, i did it in a traditional way with a Nikon D200 + PC Micro Nikkor 85mm.

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