I miss you all :-* Hugs

I miss you all :-* Hugs

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Sepideh Q.

kostenloses Benutzerkonto, Tehran

I miss you all :-* Hugs

Wish you the best moments and best of the feelings :-)

Kind regards from Tehran in spring

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  • s. sabine krause 14. März 2015, 10:51

    dear sepideh! i just went through my "favourites" folder and looked at your beautiful "last night at aram amusement park" image again… still love it! hope you are okay and wish you a happy and healthy spring 2015! hugs, sabine. p.s.: judging from your image, teheran must be a beautiful place in spring! butterflies bobbing on oceans of blooms…
  • Dieter K 28. Juni 2014, 19:21

    Best wishes to you
  • Adele Oliver 3. Mai 2014, 1:22

    a lovely butterfly on those pretty spring blossoms - nice play with the focus, and I like the warm colours !!!
    best wishes to you, Sepideh and
    a hug, Adele
  • Christian Bertero 2. Mai 2014, 20:44

    Everybody in FC wait you and we are very happy to have some news from you.

    Sincerly yours
  • Alfred Schultz 2. Mai 2014, 15:23

    It's about time that you miss us.
    Spring time is here too.
    Ask your lovely butterfly if it likes
    to come for a visit.
    Best wishes - Alfred


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