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Bruce L. Bloy

kostenloses Benutzerkonto, Philadelphia, PA

Glass Ceiling

The Kimmel Performing Arts Center
Philadelphia, PA

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  • Just my pix 8. November 2005, 7:33

    Hi Bruce - damn wasn´t that from "Finding Nemo" ?

    Impressive detail on your pic - if u like underwaterpics take a look into my profile, there´s a long list of uw-photographers.

    and especially 4 u
  • Tobi S. 3. November 2005, 12:50

    Hi !
    In my opinion this picture is the very best of the pictures you are showing in this gallery. I like it very much and have spent some time on my own trying to find buildings like these here in germany since last year.
    greetings Tobi
  • closeup20 4. Februar 2005, 4:47

    I like that kind of photos. Lines and reflections at its best. Regards Thomas
  • Bruce L. Bloy 22. Januar 2005, 0:31

    Thank you all for your comments.

    I'm new to creating these borders and frames. It's a learning experience. Your advice is noted.

  • Andreas E. 21. Januar 2005, 22:59

    A very interesting picture, well done.
    Only the yellow border... I don't know.
    Best regards, Andreas
  • Eddie Contrelle 21. Januar 2005, 15:55

    great abstract, but - imho - the yellow framing doesn't work too well with the image.
  • Simon Red 21. Januar 2005, 11:46

    Great angle of an interesting building.
    Draws you in to the picture.
  • JVision 21. Januar 2005, 9:04

    Great !!!
  • Frank Beer COM 21. Januar 2005, 1:52

    Very impressive photograph and an exciting building!
    I like the composition and the the windows reflecting like a mirror.

    Thanks for sharing,
  • Josep A. Collado 21. Januar 2005, 1:12

    I love it!!


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