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I'm just a short term member here, loading one of my favorite pics. Nothing professional.

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  • Christa L. 11. Januar 2003, 14:25

    Hi Guenter,
    Thanks for the comments. The eyes are indeed a little less green in reality, the flashlight caused this.
    As far as taking a picture outside - have you ever tried this with a cat? He'd be gone for 2 days ;-)
  • Günter Linderer 9. Januar 2003, 23:17

    Does he really have these green eyes or is it caused by the flashlight ?
    Very high contrast between the cat and the dark environment.
    Maybe you could try to put the cat on a white pillow and photograph her outside and from above with nothing around, and with available light.
    You should ashure to put the focus on the eyes.
    I can imagine, that taken in this way it could be a very interesting High-Key-Photo.
    ;-) Günter



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