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Arturas Uzgalis

kostenloses Benutzerkonto, Kaunas

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  • Arturas Uzgalis 9. November 2004, 9:35

    Thanks for ever.Life and photography just game.

  • Sergio Moreira 9. November 2004, 0:55

    Great Arturas, great photo, but with all respect I agree with Christoph in the sense of letting the trees appear a little more. A very warm embrace.
  • Elmar Jonietz 7. November 2004, 23:15

    A dramatic cloud-scape - well done! Make sure to eliminate the white border at the top.
    greetings Elmar
  • Arturas Uzgalis 4. November 2004, 15:32

    To Christoph: Rain don't fall at this moment and past.
  • Chris St.-V. 4. November 2004, 12:51

    Great sky. I assume there was a heavy rain later! Perhaps the pic could be more interesting if the trees would be completely cut or more of them could be seen.
    Greetings Christoph