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Beauty of darkness

kostenloses Benutzerkonto, Apfelstädt (bei Erfurt)

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nobody knows who I realy am
maybe I don't know myself
I'm coming from somewhere, walking around in nowhere
my clothes are black, my music is dark
I decided for the life, although it's full of pain
there was no choise to say no
I flee into the world of dreaming

my camera - she's my girl
always with me
she can make me happy
and if even it's only a moment

I'm feeling a little bit sad
that most of my pictures are leaved alone
in many pockets of paper
in a dusty corner
where nobody can give them a smile


in the past:

Minolta 505 si with 28-200mm objektiv of Sigma
(mostly) you can see it because of the classic 2:3 format
but it was been stolen on x-mas-day just in front of my nose
(my car including everything inclusive my cam - and I had no insurance)


Minolta Dimage 7i with 512 MB CompactFlash
after long working, hard saving money, long waiting and nights of reading about digital cameras and comparing them
also my grandparents gave a big donation to it




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