Die Kristall-Grotte

Die Kristall-Grotte

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Christian Klepp

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Die Kristall-Grotte

This is my newest image from cold season Iceland. I shot this ice cave from the inside out against the sunset making it an unforgettable experience. Entering these ice caves is life threateningly dangerous as the glacier itself moves at a speed of 1 m per day, so the ice is under constant pressure. While being inside the cave the ice made constant cracking and crushing sounds. The glacial ice is about 1000 years old. You can see black stripes in the ice that originate from volcano eruptions that depositeted the ash on the former snow before it transformed into glacier ice. The bottom of the cave is the frozen glacial lake itself with an ice thickness of about 50 cm while the outside temperature was below -8°C for a long period of time allowing the ice to be more stable. The awe-inspiring joy of standing inside is nontheless a short time experience as it is recommended to leave this breathtaking beauty immediatley after the photo is taken. I am deeply glad having had the honour of experiencing this moment and hope you can share my emotions with me.

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Canon 5D MkII, EF-L 16-35 mm, F/16, 1/4 to 15 sec, 100 ASA, Stativ

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