Brazilian Oyster worker

Brazilian Oyster worker

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Alejandro Figola

kostenloses Benutzerkonto, Chile and Argentina

Brazilian Oyster worker

Taked at Santo Antonio de Lisboa, Florianopolis, Brazil (Sony DSC-F828)

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  • Alejandro Figola 10. August 2005, 1:12

    Thanks for your comment, Diana 'q'?
    That’s exactly what I trying to say.
    Regards, aff

  • Dianaq Emmons 9. August 2005, 7:24

    I can understand what the two commenters were trying to say, however, I think the darkness in his face adds a tone of mystery to him..maybe its just me but I really like it. D
  • Alejandro Figola 30. Juni 2005, 21:43

    Thanks for the comments. Both of you have reason, but I tried with flash and the result was wrong. And keep on your mind that was an instant photo with an unknown person. Thanks again.
    Regards. Alejandro.
  • Kay Wölfle 24. Juni 2005, 10:19

    The rather bright background fooled the exposure meter. Try a fill in flash or make a correction of +1 - +2 EV next time.

    Greetings Kay
  • Dirk Hofmann 22. Juni 2005, 17:10

    would love to see more of his face ...

    a spot-light-metering on his face would have helped or to shoot in raw and work the photo out in dynamic range increase ....



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