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Boeng Kak See

Jedem, der nach Phnom Penh kommt, empfehle ich sich eine Unterkunft am Boeng Kak See zu nehmen. Sie liegen etwas versteckt in der Cham-Gemeinde und nicht so zentral, sind aber dafür weitaus ruhiger und wer keine Angst vor Mosquitos hat, kann abends am See wunderbar entspannen.

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  • Michael Gillich 11. Juli 2003, 11:39

    Hallo Stefan,
    tolles Panorama!
    Interessant Deine Meinung dazu zu hören. Habe erst eben dies hier dazu gelesen :)
    Die Meinungen gehen also auseinander. Freue mich auf mehr so spannende Bilder und Erläuterungen von Dir.

    The Khao San Road of Phnom Penh is Boeung Kak Lake and I think the place is a shithole. What does it have? Lots of cheap guesthouses, cheap places to eat, internet shops, backpackers, etc.

    Sounds cool, huh? Well, there are cheap places to eat and internet shops all over the city so you can strike those two out. As for accommodation, I can think of numerous family-run hotels scattered around the city that offer decent fan rooms for under $10 and are in much better locations.

    Now, I should also point out that the lake stinks, is quite polluted and infested with mosquitoes, you're not near anything worth seeing, you can't walk anywhere, and it's not exactly the safest neighborhood in town.

    If all you want to do is lie in a hammock all day and smoke spliffs with other budget tourists (yes, YOU are a tourist!!!), then the lake will do you fine, but then why are you here? Really, are you in Phnom Penh to see Phnom Penh or to lie in a hammock and smoke spliffs? If it's the former, then I suggest you avoid the lake, if it's the latter, well, I can't do anything for you and at this point I don't care to, anyway.

    lg MIKE