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Nicole Stephen

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  • Nicole Stephen 23. März 2005, 21:26

    Thanks for criteque on this - car was moving at quite a rate, so sharpness on subject was critical...perfect quality and sharpness was not on my mind....I was sitting a fair distance away with Pentax (SLR) ready - car came out of the blue....to get the vehicle sharp was my intention...
  • Cees Kuijs 23. März 2005, 19:07

    Nice car,Nicole.Yours? In my opinion the sharpness is on the rocks and the car.I think you blur the outside/upside of the picture to get the attension on the car. Well,it works.
  • Rose Von Selasinsky 23. März 2005, 13:54

    The idea is good, but I have the same opinion as Jeane. Aou can do it better, I know it.
    Regards Rose
  • xxx xxx 23. März 2005, 12:28

    Good photo, especially the place where the pic was taken. But unfortunately there is no quality and perfect sharpness ...keep on working :-)...
    regards, Jeane