Aus alt mach neu!

Aus alt mach neu!

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Mischa L.

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Aus alt mach neu!

Welch ein Konstrast in der Weltkulturerbe-Stadt Banská Stiavnica zu sehen ist - ein Besuch lohnt sich sehr! Selbst im Hochsommer war dieser Ort gar nicht überlaufen, glich mehr einem Dorf.

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  • Carlos Flores Juberías 27. Mai 2009, 17:12

    Dear Misha L.
    Please let me start by introducing myself. My name is Carlos Flores, I am a professor of Constitutional Law and Political Science at the University of Valencia ...and I have been a member of photocommunity (though not one of the most active ones) for the last couple of years.
    The reason of my writing you is the following: I am about to publish a book in Spain on the 20th anniversary of the fall of the Berlin Wall, and looking for a nice photograph for the cover, I came across one of yours. "Aus alte mach neu" would be great as the cover of that book, since it represents and syntetizes in a single image all we want to say about how much Eastern Europa has changed in the last two decades.
    It is for that reason that I would like to ask your permission to have the pic used by the editors of the book. Unfortunately, we don´t have a budget to pay for it (it is an academic book, and makng ends meet would already be a success), but for sure we would mention the uthor of the photo, thank you, and send you a couple of copies of the book one it is out.
    I would be grateful if you cold consider my petition positively.
    All the best

    Dr. Carlos Flores
  • Charly 13. März 2006, 17:25

    Sehr interessant. Diese Unterschiede kann man hier
    und da selbst in Hamburg sehen. Einer hat Geld zum
    Erhalten des Gebäudes - der andere nicht.
    LG charly


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