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Alban Eilir (Ostara)

Alban Eilir (Ostara)

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Alban Eilir (Ostara)

I'm falling, falling, falling, falling
To the ground
Up in the air
Spiraling like a leaf
We can't go on
And just fall and fall
We just fall
All what flitters is not gold
Anyway playing in the air
Playing God
With my consciuosness
Come back to me
For only a second
For a second shot
I pack my bags and ride
Breathing in the pictures
Of all the waves
White horses everywhere
I only wanna get one
I'm laying my head on the ground
Up in the air
I wanna get only one
And only one frenzied spark is alight
We are falling, falling, falling, falling
And go on to gonna get only one
In a thousand ways
Not to close
But for losing our lifes
For a million times
And wanna only get one and only
So close
Not too close...

The Cassandra Complex, When Love Comes http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HixzibElOYA

The model displayed on "Alban Eilir" has nothing to do with the words which appear as subtitle below it here at my fotocommunity-account. So please DON'T mark her, even you might know her or do not use my pics for private or business purposes. ALL misuse with my pics will be prosecuted. Thank you.

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