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Jobo GIGA Vu PRO evolution

Digitale Speichermedien - Portable Storage Devices

Der Nachfolger des JOBO GIGA Vu PRO

  • A calibrated (and user-calibrateable) wide viewing angle 3.7 inch LCD
  • A CompactFlash interface optimized for speedy photo import
  • Image review functions that include a histogram (RGB, Red, Green, Blue or luminance), blown highlights warning, cross-hair readout of RGB values and unique dust detection mode
  • RAW file decoding, including reading of the white balance in newer Nikon digital SLRs (or, optionally, the display of a RAW files internal JPEG)
  • A smart disk and memory caching scheme for accelerated photo viewing
  • A built-in FTP server with support for transfers from Wi-Fi capable cameras (an extra-cost Wi-Fi CF card for the Giga Vu PRO evolution is required) plus the optional automatic full-screen display of photos as they arrive
  • DVI or analog video out with sound
  • Slide shows with cross-fade transition optionally set to music
  • Full-resolution, full-motion, full-quality playback of common video formats (including standard MPEG flavours found on movie DVDs)
  • MP3 audio playback
  • User-upgradeable firmware
  • 40GB, 80GB and 120GB models
  • Shock-mounted hard drive and rounded case design for better data survivability in the event the unit is roughly handled
  • USB 2.0 port for rapid copying of pictures to a computer, plus a USBOTG port for transfer of pictures directly from a USB camera to the Giga Vu PRO evolution or the incremental backup of pictures from the Giga Vu PRO evolution to an external USB hard drive
  • A rubbery snap-on cover is included to protect the screen and controls during transport
  • card-to-device transfers is about 13.3MB/second with a capable card


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