Katalin Karsay

kostenloses Benutzerkonto, Budapest

Über mich

Photography means more and more to me every day. I take every mistake I make as a key to learn. At the moment I am living and working in Hungary as an event organizer and I also do the event photographer there, which pleases me a lot.

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  • E. Alexander 11. April 2006, 17:15

    Hi Kata, thanx for your comment and welcome to the f(ools) community. By the way: I like your theatrical way of shooting. LG EA
  • Riccardo 21. März 2006, 1:04

    szia kati, szep fotokat csinalsz!

    Csok Basel-böl

  • Henrik Müller 14. September 2005, 22:04

    Szia Kati, sok jó képet kivánok neked! :-)
    Üdv, Henrik
  • Nanoq Nakokrii 31. August 2005, 11:15

    üdvke itt :)
  • Michael Bloch 24. August 2005, 15:22

    Hi Kati,
    nice to meet you here. I enjoyed very much chatting and discussing with you at the workshop.
    I hope to see many of your beautiful pictures here.
  • Tim Jonathan 23. August 2005, 23:08

    Aloha Katalin.
    I'm looking foward to see some more nice pictures from you!

  • Lajos Filep 16. August 2005, 6:11

    Szia Kati,
    most megleptèl :)
    örülök hogy itt vagy .Sok sikert ès sok jo kèpet kivànok. Ez egy komolyabb forum mint othoh de azèrt ne vegyèl mindent komolyan.
    Baràti üdvözlettel
  • Oliver M- 14. August 2005, 9:09

    Hope you enjoyed the Weekend as we did. Lets see some of the results!

  • Sandra L. 13. August 2005, 22:40

    Hi Katalin,
    what a nice picture of yourself!
    Glad you registered here....
    Have fun ;-)
  • Jack Lutz 13. August 2005, 11:01

    Salü Katalin,
    herzlich willkommen in der fc.
    Viel Spass auf dieser Seite wünscht Dir
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