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Meditative and quiet contemplation of Nature and forms.

I loved the snow covered mountains in Iceland.

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  • Dieter K 24. Juli 2020, 19:35

    I'm  a FC-member for a quiet long time. I've assumed, that I have visited nearly every remarkable portfolios here, but now, what a surprise: Great, original and exciting images, which I don't know.
    Warm regards Dieter
  • luciluc 27. April 2020, 17:29

    Grazie molte .apprezzo la tua attenzione.
    Un caro saluto luciana
  • Guess whA 20. April 2020, 8:28

    between shadow and light
  • rada.korysheva 13. Februar 2020, 13:31

    Hello, Yana(Strastvuyte))!  Thank you for your visit.
     I really like your photos.  They have beautiful minimalism of nature.  And the grandeur of landscapes and spaces.
  • ilmondodieLIOT 21. Januar 2020, 12:58

    :-) grazie
  • luciluc 19. Dezember 2019, 9:52

    Grazie molte per la tua attenzione..
    Un caro saluto Luciana
  • Alberto Leonardis 23. April 2019, 19:22

    Hi Jana, it makes me happy to see "Anche io suono il bongo" in the gallery. Lately I'm not very much active with FC, so just by chance I realised the success and I really want to thank you for your proposal. Ciao, Alberto :)
    Anche io suono il bongo
    Anche io suono il bongo
    Alberto Leonardis
  • Dragomir Vukovic 14. April 2019, 18:22

    Beautiful work you have. Great light with you.
  • Arthure 12. März 2019, 11:25

    A more than impressive portfolio. Bravo

  • Arthure 10. März 2019, 13:42

    Your entire work shown is one. There are very few pages, perhaps none, that complement each other. Wonderful. A sweet melancholy with many dreams, daydreams.

    It draws me very strongly into these moods.

    Warm greetings

  • Greg GE 20. Februar 2019, 21:24

    Congrats for your series "Mystic land" and thank you for sharing ! I must say : you have found your style and are reinterpreting it in many... colorful variations. Keep up the good work. Kindly, Gregory
  • Pilaber 19. Januar 2019, 17:25

    Many thanks vor your comment in my gallerie, i appreciate it.
    Best regards, Patrice
  • Greg GE 23. Dezember 2018, 0:05

    Liebe Jajaouterspace, auch Dir eine frohe Weihnachtszeit, Freude an ein wenig Auszeit - oder am fotografieren und lesen, dazu viel Inspiration für das neue Jahr ! Gregory
  • ilmondodieLIOT 25. November 2018, 6:39

    Grazie, amo ciò, il silenzio degli alberi, il canto degli uccelli, i rami d'inverno pieni di brina, le foglie nuove di primavera, e tutto quello che la natura ci dona... Ne dovremmo essere grati sempre, buona domenica :-)
  • Adele Oliver 17. November 2018, 0:05

    many thanks, Jana, for adding so many of my black and white
    images to your favourites .. I appreciate it a lot !!!
    warm regards, 



Vintage lenses from a certain time.