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Über mich

Excuse my English in a German site but I do not trust my written German as I do with my spoken. Therefore, I will introduce myself in my native language.

My photography began a long time ago with a Nikon FE2 , it was the first fastest in its time. I still have that little camera even though it has broken down on me more times than I care to remember. And I still have many old bellow cameras in my drawers waiting to be serviced and put to use, alas I am too entrenched in digital.

As much as I respect middle format cameras (I have two, a Mamiya and a Kowa Super 66), it's the rangefinders that sometimes compete with my digital tenacity. These are wonderful, wonderful cameras. Simple, stable and utterly subtle.

My career has also been in the IT/Finance industry mainly in PC software and in using mainframes. Switching to digital was so natural and learning image editing software was just too good to be true.

So I started with a Sony F505, and then F717 which I quickly grew out of and now with a Fuji S2Pro/Nikon D200 with alot of old and new F mount lenses. My favorite AF lens is the 70-210mm VR and my most used MF lens is the 28mm f2 which I use for alot of my landscape photography (long, strenuous trekking like the Tour Du Mt Blanc).

Studio photography is one of my mainstream efforts. I love macros, abstracts, people. But I wish to do more sports and landscape. And I like dramatic lighting whether controlled or natural. Just dramatic.

I hope to find a few buddies here around me so that we can make excursions and hunt for light !

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