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"I have discovered photography. Now I can kill myself. I have nothing else to learn." -- Pablo Picasso

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  • Robert Josipovic 18. November 2009, 18:13

    imas jako zanimljive fotke to...
  • Alexander Max Maier 25. Juli 2007, 14:38

    hi, prima bilder, glückwunsch.

    schöne grüße aus ulm, alex
    ... aller guten dinge sind drei
    ... aller guten dinge sind drei
    Alexander Max Maier
  • Annelie S. 2. Juli 2006, 12:35

    Thanks for your comment to my foto of Roma! I'll have a look at your nice fotos too,
  • Abdul Khaliq 26. April 2006, 11:29

    Hi Anida, thanks for your wonderful words on my work, they are very valuable and apreciating.

    Your pics are very natural and sensible.
    Greetings -abdul
  • Christian Frericks 14. April 2006, 12:28

    thank's for our comment to...
    *Prag Nationalmuseum
    *Prag Nationalmuseum
    Christian Frericks

    Christian Frericks, heute um 12:27 Uhr
    yes...that's 12mm, and so the tilt angle deforms the picture despite of the asperice lense.

  • Adem Göksügür 14. April 2006, 11:30

    Hello Anida,
    Thanks for your nice comment to my photo "Seagulls At Sunset". And i like your Bosnian photos. Those are very nice.
    All the best
  • Mustafa Kaya 14. April 2006, 10:47


    you are my buddy too..welcome Anida

  • Gerhard Radermacher 11. November 2004, 19:04

    hello anida,
    thanks for your very fast and loveley comment to my picture "morgenlicht".
    best regards

  • Johann Swist 7. November 2004, 17:43

    Hallo Anida,
    (in deutsch, da mein englisch miserabel ist),danke für Deine Anmerkung zu meinem "verheirateten"!
    Deine Motive sind sehr vielseitig und ansprechend!
    Weiterhin viel Spass und Erfolg bei FC!
    LG Johann
  • Warren James 3. November 2004, 19:29

    Hello Anida, thanks for the comment, it is small, but I am having a few teething problems with the site ,should get the hang of it soon...
    The very best luck with your course, architecturewill be for you a fascinating & rewarding career & you can save money by taking your own photos of your fabulous buildings!!!
    Thanks again, Warren.
  • Christine C. W. 2. Juli 2004, 21:43

    hello anida,
    many thanks for your nice words about :
    die farben des himmels
    die farben des himmels
    Christine C. W.

    have a nice day, christine
  • Rainer W... 7. Juni 2004, 14:20

    hallo anida,
    thanks for your comment to my picture "waterfall".
    best regards
  • Marco Pagel 15. Mai 2004, 6:29

    Hello Anida,

    thanks for your comment to my picture of the chateau in Schwerin. You're right: The sun was missing.... The picture was taken in november when the skies were nothing but grey....

  • Manfred Lang 12. Dezember 2003, 0:09

    Hallo Anida!
    I am glad, to see you now! Wellcome here!
    Herzliche Grüße
  • Anida K 11. Dezember 2003, 20:53

    Finally there is something about me :))
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