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Über mich

I like sitting at the back and watching birds, waves, stones, people. My 'studio' is a building site. My motives are the passers-by.preferably. ... And I hate those staged photos which pretend to be spontaneous...

My Konica Minolta Dynax7D and I are getting older, it's no longer produced - and it's successors are now made by Sony. But I hope to get many more piccies out of it.

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  • Dida Atanasova 21. November 2005, 21:18

    no i am not on pill on this pic if u mean that!
    thx for ur comment
  • Rainard Buchmann 26. Juni 2005, 18:27

    hallo und willkommen in der großen &
    verückten familie der FC
    ich wünsche euch immer gut licht und weitere schöne fotos

  • Sarndra 26. Juni 2005, 13:42

    Hi Thomas :-) welcome to the site and thank you for comment on my 'buzzy bumble' photo :-)

    You'll get hours of enjoyment in's a wonderful site!

    Take care
  • Jack Lutz 26. Juni 2005, 12:57

    Salü Thomas
    Willkommen in der fc.Viel Spass und immer gute Motive wünscht Dir
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