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Über mich

Initialy I started taking pictures in Switzerland 3 years ago. Afterwards i moved to New York City and became very used to this tremendous and fetchy hobby. I use a Sony DSC-F828 to accomplish my work. And hope that i will enhance the quality and technics of my shots due to the significant suport of this community!

Was ich toll find:
Fotocommunity ist eine tolle Platform um sich gegenseitig aus zu tauschen, Ideen zu sammeln und von andern zu lernen. Kritik mit Gegenvorschlägen finde ich toll. Sobald sie konstruktiver Natur sind. Sich gleichgesinnte Freunde zu machen ist ebenfalls eine gute Sache.

Was mich stört:
Leider ist Fotocommunity oft mals eine viel zu Subjektive Plattform. Dijenigen mit den meisten Kollegen, kriegen am meisten comments. Hat gar nichts mehr mit Fotografie zu tun. Erkennt man an stinknormalen Durchschnittsbilder, die aber 100 comments haben.
Auf der anderen Seite, findet man sehr gute Bilder, mit nicht einmal einem comment. Wie kommt das zustande?
Leider gehen bei dieser Bilderflut, viele Bilder unter, so dass sie nie jemand zu Auge bekommt.
Leute, die mittels comments antworten und so sich selber comments schreiben.
Leute, die gern comments nehmen aber selten welche geben!

What I like is:

The possibility to share picture all over the world with severally photographers. To exchange experience and to gain photographical skills from other user in order to enhance myself.
I like to get both, critical as well as significant comments which are constructiv as well.
I think FC is also a reliable place to meet people and to make friends

What I don't like is:

People who are to stingy to give comments to others!
People who never reply and never set a comment in profil in order to say thank you!
People who give silly comments which are not suitable at all and has no accordance to the picture work.
People who communicate with each other by the comment field as it would be a chat room.
People who own more than 100 comments beneath their picture although it is just a simply taken picture of a holiday, (nothing special) and in contrast photographer with tremendous and stunning picture who not even got one comment! How is that possible? I ask myself.
The other thing is, that too much picture are being uploaded in the community that most of them are never being seen by others.

Best regards:
Viele Grüsse:


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