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Hallo all,

i am an indonesian, but studying in deutschland now...will be going home in april.

very nice forum, i've been taking pictures for about 15 years now, but ich bin architect von beruf. i am still making my website, but i will upload some pictures when i have time. will be going pro in about 2 months.

so if you are in indonesia (jakarta or yogyakarta), give me a call.. =)

(sorry for writing in english, i haven't speak too much german lately.. people here trying to speak english with me =)...)

please feel free to join or look at our forum, it's in indonesian mostly, but we provide english thread too... or just upload your pictures in the gallery... www.forumkamera.com

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  • Suryo Wibowo 9. März 2004, 16:41

    hi kak Rama...
    ajarin doong...
    japemethe seko jogja...
    wie so kann ich hier keine Photos sehen? hehehe lol...na ja...hier ist profil...keine Gallery :D
    mfg. suryo
  • Uwe Bachmann II 8. März 2004, 1:19

    Hi Rama,
    Thank you for your comment.
    I'll see your next pics - boddyklick.
    Best regards, Uwe
  • Rama Daniantoro 5. März 2004, 20:38

    hehe noch nicht... bald...
  • Rochim Hadisantosa 5. März 2004, 20:32

    Hi kak Rama, Ich denke, dass ich ein Foto hier finden werde, aber ich sehe kein noch :)
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