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Michael Chik

Free Mitglied, London

Über mich

My interest in photography started after I met my now ex-boyfriend Jeremias. He introduced me to all the basics, an amateur should now for a start. Even though my pictures still pretty much do look "amateurhaft" (amateur like), I hope 2 improve them by time and get an "eye" 4 good shots. My main camera is a Minolta Dimage Z1.

I do subscribe to something I call "natural" pictures which means NONE of my pictures were somehow modyfied before I upload them. I know Photoshop might give my pictures more vivid colours or maybe cut something out of my pictures but except greyscaling and sepia scaling (which I do afterwards because my greyscaling options on my camera are not very handy to access) no other modyfications ever applied to my photos.

I recently moved 2 London and am now a student at SOAS. I finally got together the money for a premium membership - still, only 7 pictures a week to upload. So, if you want to see more of my pictures, try my Photo Home.

Kommentare 3

  • Marcial Franze 17. April 2005, 15:54

    thank your for your thoughts on [you can't see me] my picture.

    I am glad you found the picture, otherwise I may not have found your profile. I like people who are courageous enough to stick with the pure results of their efforts, and don't do too much ps extravaganza.
    I prefer analog, however you have some great b/w pictures. I like your NYC series...

    best regards_marcial
  • Barry Boldy 21. Dezember 2004, 11:07

    Fellow brit! im glad im not alone, good snapping too!
  • Karen Vieira 15. Oktober 2004, 16:01

    Thanks for your messenger! Your photo is very beautiful colors, congratulations! Kisses :o)
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