Manfred Juengling

Premium (World), Barcelona

Über mich

Manfred Juengling is a Photographer & fine arts painter , who signs his work as Bluebird He resided in Tehran, Nairobi, Lagos Douala, Moscow, Karachi, and London as well as a variety of other cities and countries during his career His experience of diverse cultures adds a rich international feel to his art In most of his work, you will find an evocative optical illusion of light created by the movement and mixture of its stimulating colors One can see the longitudes and latitudes the topography and intensity of Manfred's sojourn.As a former aircraft engineer Manfred infuses this acrylic on canvas with airiness and feeling of flight His most recent exhibition took place in Barcelona,he has been strongly influenced by his ways of life in Africa where he lived from 1982 to 1995 Another important influence came from his most liked artists Kandinsky,Miro, Dali, Pollock, and Picasso. Manfred currently live in Barcelona Spain

Barcelona 2020

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CANON EOS 40D 18-300mm lens / I-Phone 6