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Photography is an investigation. For me it is a study of both subject and methodology.

Architect, artist, photographer.

My photography is a cross between my interests in technology and perception.

"Bodies of Light" is a series of photos captured in a simple environment. The lighting and staging are both fixed, only the models change. All of the models were volunteers drawn to the project by sample works, an interest in participating in the project and in seeing how they themselves would be revealed.

The final images have been desaturated to adjust for color balance, and vignetted to enhance the ethereal quality of the subject, but little retouching has been done, allowing the bodies to reveal themselves in a way that is unusual in much photography today.

The images are sometimes abstract, sometimes explicit, but tend to be more evocative than suggestive. They demonstrate beauty in the small detail as well as the the whole of the human form.

Always interested in feedback - positive or negative - be it with respect to subject, composition, or color. Please leave a note here, or on a photo that you find particularly engaging.

Thank you for visiting.


Kommentare 2

  • Linsenblinzeln 11. Dezember 2018, 9:23

    sensual - passionate, not porn but 
    appreciatively; wonderful!
  • Double A 28. Oktober 2018, 2:29

    A very interesting selection of close-up nudes that you present the viewer.
    Unusual in respect to poses as well as the composition.
    Creative and unique as well as artistic. Cheers from Canada, Alvin